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About Vancouver Artist Listing


“Vancouver Artist Listing” was started in 2020 after mounting frustration to:

  1. Discouver local art: Stefan experienced challenges locating art from local artists for his own house.

  2. Market art (Stefan, as an artist, also noticed that he and many other artists experienced challenges in getting the right eyes on their work) on a local level. This website provides a platform for local artists to thrive while providing consumers with a safe (100% money back gaurentee) and a convenient place to discover original art, handmade local pieces and high-quality Giclee prints.

Stefan Kaertner is an artist, local art supporter and entrepreneur. He is a partner at RealSpace 3d, an architectural rendering company located in Vancouver, Canada. He is born, raised and continues to reside in Port Moody, “The City of the Arts”.

Stefan applied his digital marketing knowledge to create ‘Vancouver Artist Listing’ to help provide a platform for artists to reach the right buyers for their work. In doing so, this provides the consumer with a more intuitive art buying experience.

His goal was to create a space online that feels similar to stumbling upon local artwork in a coffee shop. Vancouver Artist Listing is