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Wall Art Vancouver – Painting

What this online gallery features:

This collection of work created by Vancouver artists is focusing on painted landscapes specific to the City of Vancouver including paintings with a uniquely west coast vibe.

Mountain scenes, Oceanscapes, Vancouver Landscapes, Local animals

Vancouver Artists

As the site is still relatively new, we are still growing our selection of artwork we offer. If you would like to have your work featured on our site, please email us at

Where to buy Vancouver art?

These Vancouver paintings are for sale through this website as canvas prints, high quality paper prints and originals – while supply lasts.

There is a growing demand in Vancouver for supporting local artists; however, one of the most common issues people run into is they are unable to find where the best place is to buy art in Vancouver. Generally, there are two main options; the first is local galleries. These offer a fantastic collection of highly curated art and give you a chance to view art up close and in person. This experience is not something that can be replicated online. The problem is, buying art from a gallery has become something that only the wealthy can afford. It also comes with a host of problems for artists who are often not compensated their fair amount for the art they produce.

The other common people will look to buy local art is websites like Etsy. The problem with websites like these is the inundation with lower quality work and lack of curation. Finding something here specific to your taste can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

We are trying to solve these problems by offering a highly curated experience online while increasing the exposure of local Vancouver artists.